Nickel in hierarchically structured nitrogen-doped graphene for robust and promoted degradation of antibiotics

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Hongqi Sun

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Journal of Cleaner Production


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ARC Numbers : DP150103026, LP160100035


Kang, J., Zhang, H., Duan, X., Sun, H., Tan, X., & Wang, S. (2019). Nickel in hierarchically structured nitrogen-doped graphene for robust and promoted degradation of antibiotics. Journal of Cleaner Production, 218, 202-211. Available here


Nickel nanoparticles encapsulated in nitrogen-doped porous graphene (Ni@NPG) were synthesized through a one-pot method as a novel material for catalytic activation of persulfate (PS). The Ni@NPG catalysts were evaluated for adsorptive and catalytic removals of antibiotic sulfachloropyridazine (SCP) as an emerging pollutant and were found to exhibit excellent adsorption and catalysis with 100% SCP removal from water in only 30 min. Meanwhile, great stability and reusability can be achieved with satisfactory organic degradation after 4 successive runs. In addition, metal leaching was prohibited from the metal@carbon catalysts due to the protection of carbon walls. The influences of humid acid and inorganic anions (HCO 3 − , Cl − , Br − and H 2 PO 4 − ) on SCP degradation at various concentrations were further investigated and the present study shows that all these species promoted the SCP degradation at a low concentration whereas an inhibition effect occurred at higher concentrations due to radical quenching. Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and quenching experiments reveal the PS activation mechanism involving generation of SO 4 •− , • OH and • O 2 − without singlet oxygen. The synergistic effect of radical and nonradical pathways played crucial roles during the SCP oxidation process. © 2019 Elsevier Ltd



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