The relationship between specialty nurse certification and patient, nurse and organizational outcomes: A systematic review

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Whitehead, L., Ghosh, M., Walker, D. K., Bloxsome, D., Vafeas, C., & Wilkinson, A. (2019). The relationship between specialty nurse certification and patient, nurse and organizational outcomes: A systematic review. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 93, 1-11. Available here


Objectives: To review the current evidence on the relationship between specialty nurse certification and outcomes. Design: A structured and comprehensive systematic review was undertaken using the Joanna Briggs Institute framework to include both published research studies and expert opinion papers. Data sources: Four electronic databases CINAHL, MEDLINE, PubMed, and PsychINFO were searched between 2000 and 2018. The search for expert opinion papers included nursing organizations, OaLster, Grey Literature Report, and The National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators. Review methods: The records generated through the search were exported to EndNote X8 and duplicates were removed. Title and abstracts of the records were screened by three reviewers for eligibility using the selection criteria. In the absence of an abstract, records were retained for full text review. Full text assessment of each paper was conducted by two reviewers with a third referee, if necessary, to review any discrepancies. In the case of multiple articles drawing on one set of primary data, only one article was included. A review of each article was completed using the JBI Quality Appraisal checklists to assess internal and external reliability and validity. Both quality appraisal and data extraction were conducted by the review team independently and were validated by one other member of the team. Discrepancies were resolved through rigorous discussion between the reviewers. Results: Forty one original research studies were included in the final analysis of the literature. The findings from the included articles were synthesized into three major categories and subsequent sub-categories: Patient outcomes, nurse outcomes and organizational outcomes. Twenty seven findings contributed to the sub-category of specialty nurse certification and patient outcomes. Patient outcomes were further classified into nurse sensitive outcomes, patient mortality and patient satisfaction. Fifty-four findings related to nurse outcomes with the sub-categories: personal and professional factors, knowledge and skills, organizational commitment, job satisfaction, empowerment and confidence. Six findings related to organizational benefits: including the sub-categories of nursing turnover and vacancy rates, perception of healthcare, and costs to the organization. Conclusions: The current model risks driving further proliferation of specialty certifications and certifying organizations without questioning the assumptions underlying the goals of certification. The challenges of measuring impact and the cost and value to individual nurses and healthcare organizations are key areas for consideration. © 2019



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