The temptations of anthropocentra: Bardo in Macau

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Book Chapter


Punctum Books

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New York


Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts


Originally published as: Lavers, K., & Burtt, J. (2019). The Temptations of Anthropocentra: Bardo in Macau. In: Simon, E. (Ed). The Anthology of Babel. Punctum books: New York, USA. Original chapter available here


Why should there only be literary scholarship about authors who actually lived, and texts which exist? Where are the articles on Enoch Campion, Linus Withold, Redondo Panza, Darshan Singh, or Heidi B. Morton? That none of these are real authors should be no impediment to interpreting their invented writings. In the first collection of its kind, The Anthology of Babel publishes academic articles by scholars on authors, books, and movements that are completely invented. Blurring the lines between scholarship and creative writing, The Anthology of Babel inaugurates a completely new literary genre perfectly attuned to the era we live in, a project evocative of Jorge-Louis Borges, Umberto Eco, and Italo Calvino.