Profiling Chinese wine tourists by wine tourism constraints: A comparison of Chinese Australians and long-haul Chinese tourists in Australia

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Journal Article

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International Journal of Tourism Research


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Originally published as: Gu, Q., & Huang, S. S. (2019). Profiling chinese wine tourists by wine tourism constraints: A comparison of chinese australians and long-haul chinese tourists in australia. International Journal of Tourism Research, 21(2), 206-220. Original article available here.


This study aimed to profile Chinese wine tourists based on their perceived wine tourism constraints and develop a better understanding of the Chinese wine tourist market by comparing Chinese Australians with long-haul Chinese tourists in Australia. A series of items measuring wine tourism constraints and negotiations were subjected to factor and cluster analyses. Four wine tourism constraint factors and three negotiation factors were identified. Based on the constraint factors, four segments, “group constrained by personal inhibitors,” “group constrained by facilities and attractions,” “less constrained group,” and “highly constrained group,” were identified. Analysis of variance and Chi-square test results indicated that the four groups of Chinese migrants in Australia mainly varied by age, whereas long-haul Chinese tourists differed more significantly in education and income. Chinese Australians were more likely to be less constrained and to be involved in wine tourism activities than long-haul Chinese tourists. The former were also more likely to be self-driving and repeat wine tourists. Comparatively, the latter group members engaged more in negotiation strategies. © 2018 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.