To 'P' or not to 'P': The Dilemma In Tourism And Hospitality Marketing

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Himachal Pradesh University


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Fanning, S. M., & Ogle, A. W. (2014). To 'P' or not to 'P': The Dilemma in Tourism and Hospitality Marketing. Tourism Development Journal, 11-12(1), 19-27.


The pwpose of this paper is to generate discussion with the intention of improving the quality of marketing education at a tertiary; level. lnitially, the constraints of introductory marketing texts with a 4P structure are discussed This is followed by a recommendation that rather than attack or defend the 4P framework it is revisited as an important concept in the evolution of marketing. Next a classic concept is revisited and from this an alternative teaching approach is presented for discussion. A brief description of how this approach has been applied in the classroom is provided The initial findings are that there are not 4Ps but only one P - the total product. The total product concept is a mega-concept that includes a number of product considerations, product layers, and product components. Applying this framework is beneficial when conducting product audits, marketing audits and marketing plans with special relevance to the tourism and hospitality industries.

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