Health And Safety Leadership Skills: Supervisors' Uptake of Vocational Training

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Bahn, S. T. (2014). Health and safety leadership skills: Supervisors' uptake of vocational training . Journal of Health, Safety and Environment, 30(1), 23-37. Available here.


This paper presents the findings from a study that explored perceptions of health and safety leadership skills of supervisors working in three medium to large civil construction firms in Western Australia. The paper has two key contributions: first it analyses the supervisors’ management style using Hersey and Blanchard’s situational leadership model. Second it details the vocational training that they undertook before promotion to a supervisory role and while they were continuing to work in that role. Eighty per cent of the sample undertook no training prior to becoming a supervisor and 60% of this same group were not undertaking vocational training. The paper argues that leadership ability and management style would be better supported by dedicated training in supervision. However, from the scan of available training in this area it is evident it is very limited in Australia and particularly in Western Australia.

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