The Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull: A Review & Methodology – Part 2

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Journal Article

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Professional Strength & Conditioning


School of Medical and Health Sciences


Originally published as: Guppy SN, Brady CJ, Comfort P, and Haff GG. The Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull: A Review & Methodology – Part 2. Professional Strength & Conditioning, 51: 21-29, 2018 (UKSCA journal)


The isometric mid-thigh pull (IMTP) is a commonly used test for the assessment of skeletal muscle function in athletes from a wide variety of sports. Although forcegenerating capacity and rate of force development measured in the IMTP are related to dynamic athletic performance measures, the testing and analysis procedures used can have adverse effects on the magnitude and reliability of the force-time characteristics produced. As such, this review focuses on the correct testing and analysis methodologies to use during IMTP testing.

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