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Han, W., Zhang, M., Li, D., Dong, T., Ai, B., Dou, J., & Sun, H. (2019). Design and synthesis of a new mannitol stearate ester-based aluminum alkoxide as a novel tri-functional additive for poly (vinyl chloride) and its synergistic effect with zinc stearate. Polymers, 11(6), Article 1031. Available here


Thermal stabilizers, lubricant, and plasticizers are three crucial additives for processing poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC). In this study, a new mannitol stearate ester-based aluminum alkoxide (MSE-Al) was designed and synthesized as a novel additive for PVC. The thermal stability and processing performance of PVC stabilized by MSE-Al were evaluated by the Congo red test, conductivity measurement, thermal aging test, ultravioletevisible (UV–Vis) spectroscopy test, and torque rheometer test. Results showed that the addition of MSE-Al could not only markedly improve the long-term thermal stability of PVC, but also greatly accelerate the plasticizing and decrease the balance torque, which demonstrated that MSE-Al possessed a lubricating property. Thus, MSE-Al was demonstrated to be able to provide tri-functional additive roles, e.g., thermal stabilizer, plasticizer, and lubricant. The test results for the thermal stability of PVC indicated that the initial whiteness of PVC stabilized by MSE-Al was not good enough, thus the synergistic effect of MSE-Al with zinc stearates (ZnSt2) on the thermal stability of PVC was also investigated. The results showed that there is an appreciable synergistic effect between MSE-Al and ZnSt2. The thermal stabilization mechanism and synergism effect of MSE-Al with ZnSt2 are then discussed.



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