A video study of quality teaching and learning in three countries

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Tytler, R., Chen, H.-L. S., Hackling, M., & Ramseger, J. (2019). A video study of quality teaching and learning in three countries. In L. Xu, G. Aranda, W. Widjaja, & D. Clarke (Eds.), Video-based research in education: Cross-disciplinary perspectives (pp. 34-49). Abingdon, United Kingdom: Routledge. Available here


There is increasing emphasis globally on the need to support quality learning and reasoning in science from a young age. We note at the same time increasing international convergence in the way curricula and learning are framed (Marginson, Tytler, Freeman, & Roberts, 2013). Yet within these broader frames there is substantial variation in classroom traditions across countries. EQUALPRIME is an acronym for Exploring quality primary education in different cultures: A cross-national study of teaching and learning in primary science classrooms (see http://www.equalprime.edu.au/). This was a project that generated data over 4 years to study ways in which teachers of Grades 3 to 6 science in Australia, Germany and Taiwan supported their students to reason, in order to better understand commonalities and differences in conceptions of quality teaching and learning across the different systems and traditions. The study is reported in a number of papers and a recent book (Hackling, Ramseger, & Chen, 2017)...

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