Grounding participatory action research in rural Colombia: A demonstration study on youth financial inclusion

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Journal Article

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International Journal of Lifelong Education


Taylor and Francis


School of Nursing and Midwifery




de Jong, G., Fajardo Rojas, M. A., & Almeyda, G. (2019). Grounding participatory action research in rural Colombia: a demonstration study on youth financial inclusion. International Journal of Lifelong Education, 38(2), 184-197. Available here


Since the new millennium, the issue of financial inclusion of young people has increasingly gained recognition, especially in relation to those living in deprived circumstances. Financial inclusion can be promoted through education that specifically aims for the strengthening of young persons’ financial capabilities. In 2013, a participatory action research project was started in a rural region of Colombia to improve the research capacity of a local university through the development and implementation of a demonstration project on the financial inclusion of young people. University teachers, students and employees of a financial cooperative were trained in conducting qualitative methods with a specific aim of being responsive to the life stories of their interviewees. This paper shares the experiences from an international team of educational scholars who aim for the democratisation of research capacity and the dissemination of localised knowledge. This is done by working closely together with stakeholders and ultimately giving a voice to youth employed in the informal economy as they are usually the ones being most deprived from access to financial services.



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