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Originally published as: Vasiliev, M., Alameh, K., & Nur-E-Alam, M. (2019). Analysis, optimization, and characterization of magnetic photonic crystal structures and thin-film material layers. Technologies, 7(3), Article 49. Original publication available here


The development of magnetic photonic crystals (MPC) has been a rapidly evolving research area since the late 1990s. Magneto-optic (MO) materials and the techniques for their characterization have also continually undergone functional and property-related improvements. MPC optimization is a feature-rich Windows software application designed to enable researchers to analyze the optical and magneto-optical spectral properties of multilayers containing gyrotropic constituents. We report on a set of computational algorithms which aim to optimize the design and the optical or magneto-optical spectral analysis of 1D MPC, together with a Windows software implementation. Relevant material property datasets (e.g., the spectral dispersion data for the refractive index, absorption, and gyration) of several important optical and MO materials are included, enabling easy reproduction of the previously published results from the field of MPC-based Faraday rotator development, and an effective demonstration-quality introduction of future users to the multiple features of this package. We also report on the methods and algorithms used to obtain the absorption coefficient spectral dispersion datasets for new materials, where the film thickness, transmission spectrum, and refractive index dispersion function are known.



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