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International Journal of Education


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Originally published as: Sulfasyah, Haig, Y., & Barratt-Pugh, C. (2015). Indonesian teachers’ implementation of new curriculum initiatives in relation to teaching writing in lower primary school. International Journal of Education, 7(4), 53-72. Original publication available here


This paper reports an investigation of teachers’ implementation of a new Indonesian curriculum, the Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan (KTSP), meaning school-based curriculum. The specific context chosen was the teaching of writing in Year 2 in the primary schools of Makassar City, Indonesia. The teachers’ implementation was examined through the lens of the KTSP’s key constructivist-based concepts. Using qualitative methods, the study found that the teachers’ implementation of the new writing curriculum reflected a traditional view of teaching, despite the intent of the KTSP to move away from this approach to one that better reflected a constructivist approach. The study also revealed that the inconsistencies between the intentions of the KTSP and the basic competencies it mandated discouraged the teachers from changing their teaching and assessment practices. These findings have important implications for the development of policy and practice regarding the implementation of existing and future curricula in Indonesia and elsewhere.



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