Design for a network centric enterprise forensic system

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Journal Article

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International Journal of Computer Science and Security


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Originally published as: Zhong, H. & Xiao, J. (2015). Design for a network centric enterprise forensic system. International Journal of Computer Science and Security, 9(4), 196-207. Original publication available here


Increased profitability and exposure of enterprise’s information incite more attackers to attempt exploitation on enterprise network, while striving not to leave any evidences. Although the area of digital forensic analysis is evolving to become more mature in the modern criminology, the scope of network and computer forensics in the large-scale commercial environment is still vague. The conventional forensic techniques, consisting of large proportion of manual operations and isolated processes, are not adequately compatible in modern enterprise context. Data volume of enterprise is usually overwhelming and the interference to business operation during the investigation is unwelcomed. To evidence and monitor these increasing and evolving cyber offences and criminals, forensic investigators are calling for more comprehensive forensic methodology. For comprehension of current insufficiencies, this paper starts from the probes for the weaknesses of various preliminary forensic techniques. Then it proposes an approach to design an enhanced forensic system that integrates the network distributed system concept and information fusion theory as a remedy to the drawbacks of existing forensic techniques.

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