Displacement And Vibration Reduction System In Hydraulic Excavator

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Journal Article


UAE University


Faculty of Health, Engineering and Science


School of Engineering / Centre for Communications and Electronics Research




Wonohadidjojo, D. M., Kothapalli, G. , & Hassan, M. (2014). Displacement and vibration reduction system in hydraulic excavator. Emirates Journal for Engineering Research, 19(3), 1-10. Available here


Unacceptable performance of the machine caused by displacement and vibration should be overcome. In this study a model and a method to reduce the displacement and vibration are presented. A hydraulic excavator model was developed in a multi-domain system. A displacement and vibration reduction system was developed as the proposed method. A mathematical model to implement active damper system is developed to be implemented in the joints of excavator. The model and proposed method were validated using computer simulations. First, performance of the model and proposed method was evaluated without applying force on the bucket tip. Second, they were evaluated when force was applied to the bucket tip. A step force and a failure force computed by a soil model were used in th e validation. The reduction percentages reveal that in all validations the proposed method reduces the displacement and vibration significantly. Furthermore, the model and the proposed method were validated in a control system using Fuzzy logic Controller to track the bucket tip trajectory. The results show that the mode l and the proposed method reduce the displacement and vibration in all the simulations effectively.

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