In the news: An investigation into Australian print media reports on Bali

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Journal Article

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Journal of Tourism Challenges and Trends




School of Business and Law / Markets and Services Research Centre (MASRC)




Originally published as: Willson, G., Sanders, D., & Scott, O. (2015). In the news: An investigation into Australian print media reports on Bali. Journal of Tourism Challenges and Trends, 8(2), 105-122. Original publication available here


Print media is a significant information source for tourists. Whilst previous studies have focused on the influence of television, movies and social media, the at-tention given to the role of the print media and tourism has been limited. Further, despite the importance of Australia and in particular, Western Australia as a source market for the Indonesian island of Bali, there is a paucity of research exploring how the Australian media framed Bali as a destination. The purpose of this paper is three-fold. First, it seeks to determine the framing of two Australian newspapers towards Bali as a tourist destination. Second, it explores the themes elicited within story cover-age of Bali within two popular Australian newspapers. A structured content analysis of articles about Bali was conducted and The West Australian and The Australian were used to meet the research aims. This paper is of scholarly importance as it pro-vides greater insight into the way print media shapes the narrative of a destination.

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