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Abrar, U., Shi, L., Jaffri, N. R., Li, Q., Omar, M. W., & Sindhu, H. R. (2019). Capacitive sensor and its calibration: A technique for the estimation of solid particles flow concentration. In 2019 2nd International Conference on Clean Energy and Electrical Systems. Nanjing, China: Nanjing Institute of Technology.

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The precise and accurate measurement of flow rate in the batch flow of the solid particles is of primary importance in many process industries for the improvement of the efficiency of the system. Many techniques developed for the measurement of mass flow rate. The capacitive sensors has a significance of being non-invasive, higher accuracy and low cost for mass flow measurement despite the fact that many factors adversely affect the performance- including non-uniform flow, multiphase flow, temperature, pressure, and moisture in the solid particles. This paper covers preliminary investigations of the offline estimation of mass flow concentration based upon the calibration of capacitance electrodes to quantify the mass of dielectric as a function of capacitance variation between the electrodes.



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