The mechanical sprint characteristics of international rugby sevens players

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Journal of Australian Strength and Conditioning


Australian Strength and Conditioning Association


School of Medical and Health Sciences / Centre for Exercise and Sports Science Research




Ross, A., Gill, N., Cronin, J., & Cross, M. (2014). The mechanical sprint characteristics of international rugby sevens players. Journal of Australian Strength and Conditioning, 22(5), 35-36. Available here


Rugby sevens is an intermittent contact sport played by many countries throughout the world. Though played under essentially the same rules as 15-a-side rugby union, the running demands of rugby sevens are substantially greater with international players covering a relative distance of between 105 – 120 m.min-1 (1, 2). Given the increased relative playing area afforded players compared to 15-a-side, it would seem logical that high levels of sprint speed would be advantageous to rugby sevens players. Indeed, an investigation (3) comparing the physical characteristics of international and provincial level rugby sevens players identified large differences in sprint speed over 40m between the two competition levels, with international players being considerably faster over 40m than their provincial level counterparts (4.99 ± 0.11s and 5.23 ± 0.18s, international and provincial players, respectively)...

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Paper presented at the National ASCA Conference 2014

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