An analytical model of buried plastic gas pipe for acoustic detection

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Proceedings of the 26th International Congress on Sound and Vibration, ICSV 2019


Canadian Acoustical Association


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Ying, L., Daryoush, H., Douglas, C., Xiuming, W., & Hao, C. (2019). An analytical model of buried plastic gas pipe for acoustic detection. Paper presented at the 26th International Congress on Sound and Vibration. Abstract Available here


Inaccurate location of buried pipes has been a worldwide problem for many years. To address this problem, vibro-acoustic detection method has been developed and shown to be promising in locating buried plastic pipes. By applying acoustic excitation on one part of the pipe and analyzing the ground surface vibration, the location of the buried pipe can be determined. Whilst there are existing studies relating to plastic water pipes in this field, limited research has been carried out on buried gas pipes detection. Based on the model of buried fluid-filled pipe, an analytical model of buried plastic gas pipe will be studied in this paper. The analytical solution and numerical simulation results of the 'gas-dominated wave' will be presented, and its characteristics will be analyzed. Following this, the ground surface vibration due to this mode wave is illustrated. In our proposed model, soil loading pressure on the pipe wall is taken into consideration. Moreover, the ground surface vibration directly above the pipe will be expressed as the result of radiated conical waves from 'gas-dominated wave' and reflected waves from ground surface. Therefore, far field approximation of Hankel function is not required. This work provides theoretical insight into acoustic detection techniques for locating buried plastic pipes.

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