Editorial [of volume 10 issue 4 of the International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business]

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International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business




Centre for Innovative Practice


Brown, K., Burgess, J., Gretzinger, S., Ingstrup, M. B., & Royer, S. (2019). Editorial. International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business, 10(4), 293-297. Available here


A network is a mode of governance that links individuals and organisations (Waserman and Faust, 1994). Through a network, connections are made, information is exchanged, knowledge is shared, and common aims are pursued. Networks are ubiquitous and range from the local sporting club, through to chambers of commerce, political parties, trade unions, professional organisations and religious groups. A network can be open, conditional or closed. Networks can be informal and flexible; or formal and regulated. Membership could be voluntary or compulsory. The network itself may be charitable and not for profit; to commercial and profit driven. In the digital age the network can be virtual, international and continuous. In this case a network does not necessarily require a physical manifestation or a formal code of operating procedures. Information sharing, information exchange, linking up to others is possible across all endeavours from sport and politics, to religion, business, romance and professional organisations...

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