Social inputs analysis targeting an individual and group

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Conference Proceeding

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Proceedings of International Conference on Wireless Communication




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Salian P., Kayande D., Tripathy A.K. (2020) Social inputs analysis targeting an individual and group. In: Vasudevan H., Gajic Z., Deshmukh A. (eds) Proceedings of International Conference on Wireless Communication. Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies, vol 36. Springer, Singapore.



Presence of discernment is astonishingly of paramount importance. Decision-making is highly influenced by a variety of factors. These factors convey distinct types of information to the decision-maker. The proposed system aims at understanding the influence of personality preferences and a group on an individual. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator measures the personality preferences on four specific dimensions and has been used by psychologists on many occasions since ages. This study uses MBTI preferences as a reference, to explore their impacts on an individual. The second important factor analyzed in this article includes the influence of peer pressure. The target audience for this study is youths, as this exploration would help the students understand the influence of external factors on their decision-making power. This system aims at abridging the gap in achieving their career goals and hence deducing what the student might be interested in irrespective of what his/her friend’s preferences are.