Effect of thread profile on tensile performance of screw anchors in non-cracked concrete

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Construction and Building Materials




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Mohyeddin, A., Gad, E., Aria, S., & Lee, J. (2020). Effect of thread profile on tensile performance of screw anchors in non-cracked concrete. Construction and Building Materials, 237, Article 117565. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2019.117565


The literature available on structural performance of screw anchors is very limited. The most significant research on screw anchors was performed in the early 2000 when there was little variety of screw anchors. One of the findings of this early study was that the thread profile of screw anchors has little effect on their structural performance, such as the ultimate tensile capacity and failure mode. Currently, there is a much greater variety of screw anchors in the market, and they have gained much further popularity in construction industry. In this study, six types of screw anchors with different thread profiles and from different manufacturers were tested under tension. Given there is similarity between some of the anchors that are made by different manufacturers, the anchors were carefully selected in order to represent as many different thread patterns available in the international market as possible. Anchors were installed in two grades of concrete at two different embedment depths. The results from this study show that there is a much higher correlation between the tensile capacity of anchors and their thread profiles than the level suggested by the studies in the early 2000 that are currently considered by design standards. The effect of the thread profile of screw anchors on their ultimate tensile capacity, load-displacement curve and the related failure mode are further discussed in this paper.



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