Accounting for siblings in family-based research

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Digitising Early Childhood


Cambridge Scholars Publishing


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Stevenson, K., Jaunzems K., Green, L., & Holloway, D. (2019). Accounting for Siblings in Family-Based Research. Digitising Early Childhood, 267-288.


Book Description Focusing on the digital lives of children aged eight and under, and paying attention to their parents and educators, this book showcases research findings from the UK, Denmark, Turkey, Indonesia and Australia. The authors’ disciplinary backgrounds are as diverse as their cultural contexts, and the volume brings together insights from education, media studies, sociology, cultural studies, physiotherapy, and communication studies. Covering both positive and negative perspectives, it contributes to existing research on young children’s online interactions. This book will be of interest to students and researchers in early years’ care and education, media, communication and cultural studies, human-computer interaction and technology studies, and the sociology of childhood and the family.

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