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Qualitative Report


Nova Southeastern University


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Prout, P. F., Lowe, G. M., Gray, C. C., & Jefferson, S. (2020). Examined lives: The transformative power of active interviewing in narrative approach. The Qualitative Report, 25(1), 14-27.


An unexamined life is not worth living Socrates (470-399 BC) In this article I reveal transformative experiences stemming from non-verbal communication in the context of active interviewing in narrative research. Drawing upon my recent experience interviewing positive veteran teachers about the relationships they believe vital in maintaining their passion and enthusiasm for teaching, I explore the unique nature of narrative research in fostering intra-personal transformation. The goal of the article is to highlight transformation as an outcome in narrative research, with particular focus upon non-verbal communication in active interviewing. The article is constructed to examine transformation in thinking and understanding within the relational nature of narrative research in education; to highlight the complexity of non-verbal communication in the context of narrative research; and, to consider the nature of personal reflective practice in examining one's ontological and epistemological framework for establishing respectful and ethical relationships between researcher and participants in narrative research.

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