Developing gluten-free cereals and the role of proteomics in product safety

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Journal Article

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Journal of Cereal Science




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Juhász, A., Colgrave, M. L., & Howitt, C. A. (2020). Developing gluten-free cereals and the role of proteomics in product safety. Journal of Cereal Science, 93, Article 102932. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jcs.2020.102932


In the last decade the gluten free market has grown rapidly, driven by a greater awareness of coeliac disease and gluten intolerance, but also by consumers choosing to follow a gluten-free diet. This has resulted in a greater range of higher quality products being available, however the nutritional profile may still be inferior, and the taste and texture is not the same as traditional wheat-based products. Epitopes in glutenins and gliadins that cause coeliac disease are well characterised, and research efforts are focused on understanding the impact of environmental and management practices on the expression of these proteins, as well as strategies to remove these epitopes, both through conventional breeding and genetic engineering. Here we provide an overview of these research efforts, the potential impact on end product quality as well as current research to accurately quantify the gluten content in foods and beverages to ensure the safety of products for those who are required to avoid gluten for medical reasons.