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Vi Nguyen Thanh Le
ORCID: 0000-0003-2665-9332

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Journal Article

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Oxford University Press


Electron Science Research Institute




Photonic Detection Systems, PDS

Grains Research and Development Corporation, GRDC


Le, V. N. T., Ahderom, S., Apopei, B., & Alameh, K. (2020). A novel method for detecting morphologically similar crops and weeds based on the combination of contour masks and filtered Local Binary Pattern operators. GigaScience, 9(3), Article giaa017.


Background: Weeds are a major cause of low agricultural productivity. Some weeds have morphological features similar to crops, making them difficult to discriminate. Results: We propose a novel method using a combination of filtered features extracted by combined Local Binary Pattern operators and features extracted by plant-leaf contour masks to improve the discrimination rate between broadleaf plants. Opening and closing morphological operators were applied to filter noise in plant images. The images at 4 stages of growth were collected using a testbed system. Mask-based local binary pattern features were combined with filtered features and a coefficient k. The classification of crops and weeds was achieved using support vector machine with radial basis function kernel. By investigating optimal parameters, this method reached a classification accuracy of 98.63% with 4 classes in the "bccr-segset" dataset published online in comparison with an accuracy of 91.85% attained by a previously reported method. Conclusions: The proposed method enhances the identification of crops and weeds with similar appearance and demonstrates its capabilities in real-time weed detection. © 2020 The Author(s) 2020.



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