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This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Educational Action Research, published online: 23 December 2018. Available online:

Nyanjom, J. (2020). Calling to mentor: the search for mentor identity through the development of mentor competency. Educational Action Research, 28(2), 242-257.


There is a common assumption that experienced educators will automatically be effective mentors. My experience indicates that building competence in mentoring others requires conscious intent and effort. This article is a self-study action research account that explores mentoring practice from the mentor’s perspective. The study sets to explore the relational dynamics within mentoring relationships, with the focus of obtaining a deeper understanding of the mentor’s growth and the impact of this learning on mentor identity. Data collection was through personal reflective journals, mentoring conversations, and focus group interviews. Findings indicate that critical reflective practice can lead to transformational learning that results in personal and professional growth and improved mentor competency. Transformative learning episodes highlight significant learning points that converge to enhance personal and professional learning and contribute to the formulation of mentor identity. A conclusion drawn is that applying a personal strategic intent towards mentor development can lead to improved mentoring culture and organisational learning and growth. © 2018, © 2018 Educational Action Research.



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Individual, economic, organisational, political and social transformation

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