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Xie, L., Liu, C., Song, Y., Guo, H., Wang, Z., Hua, L., ... Zhang, L.-C. (2020). Evaluation of microstructure variation of TC11 alloy after electroshocking treatment. Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 9(2), 2455-2466.


Electro-shocking treatment (EST) has been investigated as a pathway to optimise the microstructure and mechanical properties of titanium alloys. The thermal conditions introduced by EST resulted in a phase transformation from α to β. The fraction of β phase decreased from 25.27% to 19.47% after EST for 0.02 s, which was possibly caused by the recrystallization of α phase. The application of EST for 0.04 s resulted in an increase in volume fraction of the β phase to 26.95%. The energy introduced by EST resulted in changes to the direction and intensity of texture within the microstructure with the texture intensity of the α phase increasing from 4.94 to 8.52, and that of β both increased from 3.35 to 9.88 after 0.04 s EST. © 2020 The Authors.



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