From the sharing economy to the visitor economy: The impact on small retailers

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International Journal of Tourism Cities


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Grimmer, L., & Vorobjovas-Pinta, O. (2019). From the sharing economy to the visitor economy: the impact on small retailers. International Journal of Tourism Cities, 6(1), 90-98. https://doi.org/10.1108/IJTC-01-2019-0015


Purpose: The visitor economy is increasingly being recognised by local authorities, governments and destination marketing managers as having a significant effect on local retail precincts. This research note proposes that there is a link between the rise of the sharing economy (notably Airbnb) and the growing awareness and appreciation of the impact of the visitor economy. The purpose of this paper is to provide an example of the marketing efforts of a specific retail precinct to attract visitors engaged in the sharing economy. Design/methodology/approach: The approach taken involves a review of the literature pertaining to the sharing and visitor economies. Using an example from an Australian tourist city – Hobart, Tasmania, this research reviews a collaborative marketing campaign undertaken by retailers in a city precinct designed to appeal to stakeholders in the visitor economy. Findings: Shopping at local stores and retail precincts form an integral part of the travel experience. This research note offers an overview of the nexus between the sharing and visitor economies. In particular, it presents the potential implications of collaborative marketing efforts to attract visitors to a retail precinct. It is suggested that the development of new marketing and branding strategies, specifically retailer-led collaborative efforts, are a positive approach to attract stakeholders involved in the sharing and visitor economies. Originality/value: This research note is one of the first to recognise the relationship between the rise of the sharing economy and the subsequent conceptualisation of a visitor economy. This note recognises the particular importance of the nexus between the sharing and visitor economies for retail precincts. © 2019, International Tourism Studies Association.



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