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Health Education and Care


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Esgin, T. (2019). Feasibility of 12 weeks of combined aerobic and resistance training in Indigenous Australian adults: A Phase I, single-group, pre-post intervention study. Health Education and Care, 4.


Objectives: To investigate the feasibility and potential of an exercise program based on current recommendations for health to decrease cardiometabolic risk factors in Indigenous Australian adults in a metropolitan setting. Design: Phase I, single-group, pre-post intervention study. Methods: Sixteen previously inactive adults (55% female, mean age 32 y) undertook supervised exercise involving aerobic and progressive resistance training for 3 days per week for 12 weeks. Results: Eleven participants (69%) completed the exercise intervention with high exercise adherence rates (92% of sessions completed). Compared with baseline, there was a significant improvement with training in sub-maximal aerobic capacity (MD 5 ml/kg/min, 95% CI 3 to 7), pulse wave velocity (MD -2 m/s, 95% CI: -2.3 to -0.7), percentage body fat (MD -2%, CI: -3.4 to 0.2), bench press (MD 17 kg, 95% CI: 10 to 25), leg press (MD 67 kg, CI: 36 to 110), waist circumference (MD -3 cm, 95% CI: -4.0 to -1.0) and hip circumference (MD -2 cm, 95% CI: -4.4 to -1.1). Conclusions: A supervised fitness centre based aerobic and resistance training program has the potential to reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors in Indigenous adults and can be delivered in a metropolitan gym environment.



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