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Cogent Enviromental Science


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Asare, P. N. A., Kuranchie, F. A., & Ofosu, E. A. (2019). Evaluation of incorporating plastic wastes into asphalt materials for road construction in Ghana. Cogent Environmental Science, 5(1), 1576373.


In improving the aesthetics of the environment, the management of plastic wastes cannot be left out of the picture. Among the numerous ways that plastic wastes are managed, incorporating them into plastic roads is another viable option. This study quantified plastic wastes generation in Sunyani Municipality in Ghana and investigated the optimum percentage of asphaltic materials that could be made of plastic wastes for road construction in Ghana. Plastic Wastes were obtained from social gatherings, residential areas and restaurants, there was dialogue with key persons in the plastic industry and various experiments were also conducted for plastic wastes utilization in road construction. It was found that only one entrepreneur recycles the plastic wastes to make bags, dustbins, ropes and many more in the Municipality. It was also estimated that plastic wastes generation in the municipality per capita was 49.7 g/person/day whiles the total plastic wastes generated in the Municipality was 6,725.64 kg/day. In addition, numerous experimentations proved that it is possible to substitute about 10% of asphaltic road materials with plastic wastes as plastic coated aggregates (PCA) to meet the Ghana Highways Authority (GHA) standards for road construction. The novelty finding in this research is that substitution of about 10% or more of asphaltic road materials in Ghana with plastic wastes could bring economy and cost savings in both road construction and plastic wastes management in Ghana.



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