Motivation and psychological contract in sport event volunteerism: The impact of contract fulfilment on satisfaction and future behavioral intention

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Event Management


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Kim, E., Cuskelly, G., & Fredline, L. (2020). Motivation and Psychological Contract in Sport Event Volunteerism: The Impact of Contract Fulfilment On Satisfaction and Future Behavioral Intention. Event Management, 24(4), 463-479. https://doi.org/10.3727/152599519X15506259856110


This study investigated sport event volunteer motivation and psychological contract (PC) with regard to the relationship between PC fulfilment, satisfaction, and future behavioral intention. Motivation-based volunteer subgroups based on cluster analysis were compared regarding their expectations and experiences of PC types as well as their overall satisfaction and future behavioral intention in a pre- and posttest study. The gap between expectations and experiences of PC types (PC fulfilment by gap: PCFg), and second, experience (satisfaction) of PC types (PC fulfilment by experience: PCFe) were tested using regression analysis to investigate the impact of PC fulfilment on satisfaction and future behavioral intention. The analysis was conducted on a sample of 261 sport event volunteers from three sport events in southeast Queensland, Australia. Among this volunteer sample, ideological PC was considered as the most important PC type overall, but different motivations were associated with different PC preferences. Volunteers who had different motivations had varying experiences of PC types, overall satisfaction, and intention to continue volunteering. PCFe was highly related to overall satisfaction and future behavioral intention and was found to be a better predictor of volunteer satisfaction than PCFg. This study provides important theoretical and practical implications for sport event volunteerism approached from the perspective of PC types and motivations.



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