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Newhouse, C. P., Lane, J. M., Cooper, M. G., & Twining, P. (2014). Redefining education: sustaining 1 to 1 computing strategies in Western Australian schools. Proceedings of Australasian Computers in Education Conference. (pp. 345-351). Adelaide, S.A. Australian Council for Computers in Education. Available here


In 1993 the first WA private school adopted a 1 to 1 computing strategy and then ten years later the first government school did so. With the advent of the Digital Education Revolution initiative many schools in WA commenced 1 to 1 strategies and it has almost become an expectation in secondary schools. Our snapshots studies involved two new government schools and along established elite private school that had a similar vision for learning with digital technologies. The two government schools had 1 to 1 strategies, but had found that their chosen tablet PC was not robust enough, and had concluded that the current policy was not sustainable. They were debating the merits of BYOD or BYOT strategies in the light of constraints and the nature of their clientele. The private school, unlike most of its peers, had not had a 1 to 1 strategy but was planning to do so using iPads. However, it appeared that they already had an informal BYOT strategy. In this paper we discuss the differing situations these schools have found themselves in, the vision they have for learning with digital technologies, and the issues they are debating that will allow them to implement and sustain this vision

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