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Higher Education Research & Development


Taylor and Francis


School of Education / School of Business and Law


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Naylor, D., & Nyanjom, J. (2020). Educators’ emotions involved in the transition to online teaching in higher education. Higher Education Research & Development, 1-15.


Higher education (HE) has seen a growing trend towards online study. However, teaching is deeply connected to one’s beliefs, values, commitments and to relationships with students. A change in the mode of instruction and pedagogy has the potential to disrupt these deep and personal connections giving rise to an emotional response. The purpose of this phenomenological study was to explore the nature and significance of emotions in HE educators transitioning to online teaching. Findings indicate a dynamic relationship between the type of emotional responses and the amount of institutional support. Based on the type of emotional response and amount of support, four emergent orientations of educators are presented: Futuristic, Ambivalent, Disillusioned and Cautious. Implications for practice are also presented.



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