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Australian Society of Information and Communication Technologies in Agriculture


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Wankhede, S., Gandhi, N., & Armstrong, L. (2014). Role of ICTs in improving drought scenario management in India. Proceedings of Asian Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture. (pp. 521-530). Perth, W.A. Australian Society of Information and Communication Technologies in Agriculture . Available here


Drought is a natural phenomenon that affects social, economic and environmental sectors. It is caused due to low or no rainfall in the specific region and for some duration of time. Reduced soil moisture and ground water level are the other causes for drought. Based on its intensity, drought has impacts on various sectors like agriculture, transportation, forest fire, environment and many more. Agriculture is the major sector being affected by drought resulting in low crop production and having great detriment to economy of the country. In this paper, an attempt is made to study the different causes and effects of drought, their impact on agricultural sector, various strategies for drought monitoring, prevention and management keeping the focus on Indian Agricultural Sector. This study examines the extent of use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for drought assessment, prediction, preparedness and management scenario in India. The paper aims in portraying how the application of ICT in drought events is helpful in managing drought and thus helpful for researchers and farmers as well.

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