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Margaret Merga

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Journal Article

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Journal of Library Administration


Taylor and Francis


School of Education


Edith Cowan University - Open Access Support Scheme


Merga, M. K. (2020). School librarians as literacy educators within a complex role. Journal of Library Administration, 1-20.


Librarians in schools are expected to play an important role as literacy educators, and have a positive impact on young people’s literacy learning. However in the context of their diverse workload, relatively little is known about how this aspect of their role sits within its competing demands, and the exact scope of the literacy educator requirements. Using a hybrid approach to content analysis, this article analyses 40 recent job description documents to identify the nature and prevalence of different aspects of the role, and to explore the literacy educator aspect of this profession. Findings suggest that while the literacy educator aspect is one of the most common role requirements, it sits within a complex workload, and the literacy educator aspect is itself multi-faceted and demanding.



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