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Sri Lankan Journal of Sports and Exercise Medicine


Sri Lankan Sports Medicine Association


School of Medical and Health Sciences




Gamage, P. J., Kountouris, A., Finch, C. F., & Fortington, L. V. (2020). Prevention of sports injuries in Sri Lanka: What do we know about injuries in our athletes?. Sri Lankan Journal of Sports and Exercise Medicine, 2(1), 19-29


In terms of safeguarding the health and well-being of athletes in Sri Lanka, a primary focus has always been toward the treatment of injuries after they have occurred and promoting rehabilitation back into sport. There has been little attention towards the primary prevention of injuries in Sri Lankan sports. As a developing sporting nation, the benefits of injury prevention are immense: from a public health and financial perspective, through to individual benefits for athletes’ physical, psychological and social health. Understanding the reasons behind the lack of motive towards sports injury prevention in the country, and challenges in developing and implementing injury prevention measures in the field is useful so that these reasons can be addressed and overcome. Based on recent experience in conducting injury prevention research among Sri Lankan junior cricketers, this article discusses injury prevention principles in sport and provides directions for future sport injury prevention research in Sri Lanka.



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