Teaching research students to be more critically reflective in documenting their research experience by writing a research journal

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School of Marketing, Tourism and Leisure


Paper presented at the 23rd Annual Teaching and Learning Forum, The University of Western Australia, Perth, January 30-31st, 2014. Conference website Available here.


This presentation is focused on encouraging research students to take account of their own learning through engagement in research in compiling a research journal. Documenting research experience through a research journal helps researchers to examine and evaluate their experiences, develop their research skills and add valuable data to their studies. However, there is a lack of literature in business/management research on the use of reflective journals in the research process, and limited guidance for novice researchers (Jasper, 2005; Ortlipp, 2008). In order to set the context for this presentation, the issue of reflection in research will be highlighted and explained, and in the second part of the presentation guidance will be provided on writing, structuring and presenting a research journal. This presentation will be informed by the researcher's own experience of keeping a research journal in a recent study on family leisure. In summary the benefits of critical reflection through journal writing for research students will be re-affirmed, and it is hoped that many of you will seriously consider the use of a research journal by expanding your thoughts onto paper

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