Ghosts, fools and seers

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Stone Records


Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) / Centre for Research in Entertainment, Arts, Technology, Education and Communications




Webb, K., Wickham, D., Wyatt, A., & Waye, M. (2017). Ghosts, fools and seers. Stone Records.


A sophisticated, mature body of songs should embrace the best working poets if they are truly to represent a nation’s creative life. This collection contains fine poems by distinguished Australians Mary Gilmore, Frederick Macartney, Bruce Dawe and Gwen Harwood, alongside British masters Shakespeare and WB Yeats. There are also translations of Japanese and Persian lyrics, attesting to a welcome eclecticism in the outlook of Australian composers...

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Produced by Jesse Stack, Geoffrey Allen and David Wickham.

Engineered and edited by Jesse Stack. Recorded 12 July, 30 August, 6 September 2015 and 2 April 2 2016 in the Music Auditorium, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Fazioli piano engineer: Paul Tunzi.

Sung text of If you were to ask me, Beside my bed, Come to the orchard, I waited and I yearned and Snow falls on snow reproduced by kind permission of Larry Sitsky.

Sung text of Cherry Blossoms from “Mud Moon and Me” by Zaro Weil (Orchard Books, 1989) and “Firecrackers Tonight” by Zaro Weil (MQP Books, 2017) reproduced by kind permission of Zaro Weil.

Sung text of The pear tree reproduced by kind permission of ETT Imprint.

Sung text of Sleight-of-hand from “Sometimes Gladness: Collected Poems 1954–2005” (Pearson Education) reproduced by kind permission of Bruce Dawe.

Sung text of On the Inland Sea © The James Kirkup Collection reproduced by kind permission of The James Kirkup Collection.

Sung text of Feral Cat reproduced by kind permission of Dr John Harwood.

Sung text of Reflections, Carapace, Autumn rain, Winter afternoon and A welcome: fowls and flowers reproduced by kind permission of Penguin Books Australia.

Publishers: Univerity of Melbourne (1–6); The Keys Press (7–19); Ricordi (Australia) (20–26); Wirripang (27–32).

Booklet notes © 2016 David Wickham.

Front cover model: Isabelle Scott.

Inside front cover: photograph of Katja Webb © 2006 James Rogers.

Inside back cover: photograph of David Wickham © 2010 Matt Galligan Photography.

Graphic design: Colour Blind Design.

Printed in the E.U.

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