Tomorrow is history

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Curated Exhibition


Turner Galleries


School of Arts and Humanities / Centre for Research in Entertainment, Arts, Technology, Education and Communications




Barstow, C. (2017). tomorrow is history [Exhibition]. Turner Galleries.


Clive Barstow's exhibition, Tomorrow is History, has central themes of time and place, and cultural and historical representation.

He acknowledges that the notion that you can position yourself in time, looking forward and backward in a linear, chronological structure is very much a traditional western idea that perhaps "no longer represents the complexities of our shifting and dynamic hybrid communities". The disjointedness of colliding cultures, the fascination of the past and its recycling into the present, is represented in a series of jigsaw artworks, in which jigsaws are remade, joined with mismatched partners forming awkward and ill-fitting intersections between cultural groups. Disney characters can be found romping through Arcadian landscapes, accompanied by a Geisha girl, as the landscape unfolds to include Uluru surrounded by the Great Wall of China. (Entering Anarcadia 2015) Thematically, these jigsaws also represent Barstow's interests in different cultural groups; Australian, British and Chinese...

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Tomorrow is History was curated by Helen Turner and was exhibited at Turner Galleries, Northbridge, Western Australia from 28 July - 26 August 2017.

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