Reverberations: Painting and impermanence

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Curated Exhibition


Art Collective WA


School of Arts and Humanities / Centre for Research in Entertainment, Arts, Technology, Education and Communications




Uhlmann, P. (2017). Reverberations: Painting and impermanence [exhibition]. Perth, Western Australia: Art collective WA.


This exhibition considers painting as a vehicle for meditating on impermanence – a worldview which crystalises an understanding that nothing is as it seems, nothing is static, life is constant movement, forever in a state of flux. The paintings are shaped and formed in a manner which analogously embodies this restlessness through accident, chance and reflection.

They are works inspired by the constant movement of the sky above, and by an active state of reverie focusing on the curious similarity of lines within the beard of a self-portrait drawing by German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich and a series of apocalypse drawings by Leonardo da Vinci. The process of making these works embraces a way of working whereby fragments of information are contrasted with images that are indefinite and forming. Such a method empowers the imagination of the viewer. These are, in a sense dream images, for as theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli writes even our dreams are the products of atoms ceaselessly forming and deforming.

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Reverberations: Painting and impermanence was exhibited at Art Collective WA from 18th November to 16th December 2017.

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