Fraternity and aesthetics in world art

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Curated Exhibition


Yunus Emre Cultural Centre – Cetin Emec Art Gallery


School of Arts and Humanities / Centre for Research in Entertainment, Arts, Technology, Education and Communications


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Akan, R. (Curator) (2016). Fraternity and aesthetics in world art. Istanbul, Turkey: Yunus Emre Cultural Centre – Cetin Emec Art Gallery.


Art has a distinctive language and a world of its own. Human beings have proclaimed their existence and found meaning through art from the beginning and artists have created under diverse conditions all over the world. The story of art has been cultivated and renewed by each civilization with varying styles throughout the centuries. This development of culture and the interaction between artists have paved the way to pinnacles of authenticity and aesthetic achievement. In this exhibit, it is obvious that the messages expressed by each artist through their paintings are unique according to the social circumstances, philosophies of life and worldviews of the artists and the countries they were created in. It's highly evident that if we look at these paintings from the viewpoint of sociology, philosophy and aesthetics, we'll see the deep meanings they convey...

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Fraternity and aesthetics in world art was exhibited at Yunus Emre Cultural Centre – Cetin Emec Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey from 15th - 20th February 2016.

Works exhibited included:

Amanda Allerding: Stone of Wuyuan

Clive Barstow: Prune, Trim and Sever, 3 monoprints on paper (18 X 29cm)

Paul Uhlmann: Strata series (I-III)

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