My name is Nobody

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My name is Nobody


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Vanderwal, B., O'Halloran, T., & oceans, L. (2017). My name is Nobody.


my name is Nobody… uses the lush textures of the pedal steel guitar, the endless sonic possibilities of the keyboards and the hypnotic properties of the drum beat to create sounds to get completely lost in. Ambient sounds and simple melodies.

“My name is Nobody” is a sonic break from a complicated, noisy word.

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Released May 26, 2017


Ben Vanderwal - drums, sounds

Tom O’Halloran - piano, rhodes, wurlitzer and moog

Lucky Oceans - pedal steel guitar, national guitar


Rambling Waltz

Peter Jeavons - bass

Henry and Cameron

Dylan Hooper - saxophone

Jeremy Thomson- guitar

Karl Florison - bass

Josh webster - cimbalom

Oma, de kaasmaker

Carl Morgan - guitar

Abu and Crazy

Ray Walker - banjo/ guitar

Tim Jago - guitar

Paul Pooley - bass

Matilda Abraham - vocals

Jeremy Thomson - tremolo guitar

A Song to Parallel Park to

Matilda Abraham - vocals

Des White - bass

The Saddest Purchase and Those Days are Over

Emma Vanderwal - Cello

I’m Not Trying to Forget You Anymore

Luke Moller - Violin and Mandolin

Tracks 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,11 Recorded by Lee Buddle and Troy Nababan @ Crank recording studio, mixed by Haydn Buxton (2,3,4,5,8,9,11) and Lee Buddle (1)

Tracks 6,12 recorded and mixed by Rob Agostini at Soundbaker Studios

Track 7 recorded by Elliot Smith at Villa Nova Studios mixed by Dave Darlington

additional recording by Greg Nosow at GJSL The Sound Lounge

special thanks to JAZZWA and the Jazzaziz program

Album sleeve photograph (C) Anil Mistry,

Album cover photograph (c) Nick Mahony

“Nobody is perfect…and my name is Nobody” Fil Vanderwal (1951-2007)

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