Food community: Understanding community needs for a food security website to support rural and remote Western Australians

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Amanda Devine


Stephanie Godrich


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Journal Article

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Health Promotion Journal of Australia




School of Medical and Health Sciences




Rewa, J., Devine, A., & Godrich, S. (2021). Food community: Understanding community needs for a food security website to support rural and remote Western Australians. Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 32(S2), 283-291. https://doi.org/10.1002/hpja.433


© 2020 Australian Health Promotion Association Objective: The South West Food Community (SWFC) project (2018) was implemented to identify initiatives working to enhance healthy food availability, access and use in the South West region of Western Australia (SWWA); and enhance how they functioned as a system. The SWFC project participants included government and community members. This study aimed to understand how a tailored food security website could be developed as a support mechanism to increase understanding of food security, connect participants and enhance the effectiveness of SWFC initiatives. Methods: Initiative leaders from the SWFC project (n = 46) were invited to participate in semi-structured telephone interviews which sought to understand needs for a food security website. Fifteen stakeholders completed the interviews (32% response rate). Data relating to desirable and undesirable website components were analysed thematically using QSR NVivo 12. Results: Participants requested the website to include concise content, food security resources, inviting/useful images and information about initiatives. Undesirable features included academic literature, difficult-to-use functions, discussion boards and hard-to-view images. Conclusion: A tailored, co-designed website that is monitored, user-friendly and functional were key stakeholder requirements. Implications for Public Health: A tailored, co-designed food security website that promotes partnership development, builds networks, increases understanding and communication about food security and implementation strategies is needed.



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