Perception and expectation of customers in Islamic bank perspective

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Journal Article

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Journal of Islamic Marketing




School of Business and Law / Centre for Innovative Practice




Hosen, M. N., Lathifah, F., & Jie, F. (2019). Perception and expectation of customers in Islamic bank perspective. Journal of Islamic Marketing, 12(1), 1-19. https://doi.org/10.1108/JIMA-12-2018-0235


Purpose The purpose of this paper is as follows: to measure the levels of customer satisfaction, to analyze the gap of values between expectations and perceptions of customers for quality of services and to analyze the factors which should be priority of services in reducing the levels of customer satisfaction at branch office of Bank Muamalat Indonesia (BMI). Design/methodology/approach The study uses to quantitative and qualitative approach to analyze challenges and problems of quality in banking services at BMI based on Islamic perspective.X Findings Overall results show that the levels of customer satisfaction are satisfied. The main items of deduction for customers’ satisfaction are services of access, services of price, interruption of services, sophistication of technology and variety of products. In general findings, Sharia compliance becomes a critical point of services in Islamic banks. The study is only investigation at one Branch of BMI in Depok. Research limitations/implications The implication of this study is a basic knowledge for more details of research with more samples of banks regarding with the quality of banking services. Evaluation of the level of customer satisfaction is very important for BMI to improve services and to develop IT services as well as to certified the ISO (International Standard Organization) and to be built Sharia assurance system. Practical implications The result of this can be used to make a rank of service satisfaction for all Islamic banks in Indonesia. Originality/value This study is to apply combination of CARTER and quality of banking service methods for a Islamic bank. In addition, this study includes Sharia Compliance or Islamic law compliance as a basis for Islamic Contract in operating products of Islamic bank.



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