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McMahon, K., Lavery, P., McCallum, R. and Hernawan, U. (2017). Current state of knowledge regarding the effects of dredging-related ‘pressure’ on seagrasses. Report of Theme 5 - Project 5.1.1 prepared for the Dredging Science Node, Western Australian Marine Science Institution, Perth, Western Australia, 64 pp.


This review summarises our understanding, from a north west of Western Australia (NWWA) and global perspective, the pressures seagrasses are exposed to from dredging, their tolerance thresholds and responses to dredging related stressors, and the bioindicators of dredging related stressors. From this information, we also identified gaps in our knowledge and areas where environmental management and monitoring approaches could be improved. For this review we used information compiled by the WAMSI Dredging Science Node, which included unpublished data from industry, as well as published reports, articles and books...

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