Australian Information Security Management Conference

Document Type

Conference Proceeding


SRI Security Research Institute, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia


13th Australian Information Security Management Conference, held from the 30 November – 2 December, 2015 (pp. 112-119), Edith Cowan University Joondalup Campus, Perth, Western Australia.


Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETS) promise much in the ability to rapidly deploy a wireless network in a fashion where no prior planning is needed and the network can be running efficiently and with high security within minutes. Natural disaster response, military, education and business provide areas where MANETS can offer significant advantages in communication where infrastructure networks may take days to set up or may be impossible to implement. This research reviews a selection of MANET protocols to show the progression of the research and the issues that are yet to be addressed. It discusses the challenges to researchers in improving ad hoc schemes to the point where they work in theory and in practice. Areas are highlighted that pose the most significant challenges to developing new security protocols and some food-for-thought is given for those who wish to contribute to this growing area of importance for wireless communication.