Australian Information Security Management Conference

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Cusack, B., Antony, B., Ward, G., & Mody, S. (2017). Assessment of security vulnerabilities in wearable devices . In Valli, C. (Ed.). (2017). The Proceedings of 15th Australian Information Security Management Conference, 5-6 December, 2017, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia. (pp. 42-48).


Wearable devices have proliferated in usage and human experience, and they provide convenience for personal information requirements. These devices are both sensory and immersive for the diverse global network that is generally termed the Internet of things (IoT). The immediacy of the two-way communication created in the IoT has made vulnerable human behaviour and raised debate around information ownership and privacy expectations. The legitimacy of ownership of information and its reuse are prevalent problems. In this research, we tested four wearable devices that share 44% of the current market, for security vulnerabilities. We found serious weaknesses that could result in the unplanned disclosure of information and recommend further research into users expectations for safety.