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The interactive artwork Temporal arose from a series of art-science investigations with some of Australia’s leading flying fox ecologists. It was designed as a gently evolving meditation upon the complex, periodic processes that mark Australia’s often irregular seasonal changes. These changes directly govern the migratory movements of Australia’s keystone pollinating mammals—the mega bats (or, Flying Foxes). Temporal further calls attention to our increasing capacity to profoundly disturb these partners within Australia’s complex, life-supporting systems.

Author Biography

Keith Armstrong is an experimental artist profoundly motivated by issues of social and ecological justice. He has specialised for over twenty years in collaborative, experimental practices with emphasis on innovative performance forms, site-specific electronic arts, networked interactive installations, alternative interfaces, art-science collaborations and socially and ecologically engaged practices. He is currently a part-time Senior Research Fellow at Queensland University of Technology, author of numerous chapters and papers, and an actively practicing freelance new media artist.

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