Landscapes: the Journal of the International Centre for Landscape and Language


These poems reflect the practical, human, immersive processes of self-orientation and self-location within the coastal and island landscapes round the North Sea. In both recording and bringing about this process, the poet maps herself onto her surroundings and brings her surroundings to bear on herself. The interplay of graphic, linguistic and other forms of description are destabilised by the contingency of their usefulness, and by their meaningless to each other. In the end, the generative poetic voice is the principle by which the 'map' is made.

Author Biography

Lesley Harrison lives and works on the north-east coast of Scotland. Her poems have appeared in anthologies and journals in the UK and beyond. Her most recent poetry collection is Blue Pearl (New Directions, 2017). Ecstatics: a Language of Birds won the 2012 National Library of Scotland pamphlet competition. She has just completed a PhD at the University of Hull on the poetics of the northern coastline.


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