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THE JUNK THAT 8 K-TOWN (View-Master Haiku Series 1, 2 & 3)

My first session taking photos of bush junk near the K-Town train station led to an addiction. I started to see things within images that aroused deeper contemplation. The miniature Eiffel Tower within one landscape seemed to expertly align with a gasping car belly that paid homage to Peter Dam’s The Dogs That 7 Sparrows.

Absent past owners became unconscious artists. Objects in their adopted environments became creatures with lives beyond previous incarnations. I saw things as representations, serendipitous alignments, but more importantly, a culture addicted to accumulating and discarding unwanted objects, no matter how obscene its scars upon the landscape.

My girlfriend lives in K-Town but won’t go into the bush. She thinks dark magic draws people in and sucks the salt from them. There have been rapes and murders but it is the objects which remain that tell stories of the absent figures’ past lives entwined with the landscape.

THE JUNK THAT 8 K-TOWN is a meditation upon landscape and abandoned objects. It asks the viewer to dream of absent figures and reimagine their deserted objects new relationships with the burdened landscape.

Author Biography

Brenton Mark Rossow is a filmmaker, poet, and musician, who has returned to Perth, Western Australia after 14 years in Southeast Asia. He recently produced a feature length documentary called Shanghainese Parklife: Cultivating the Taoist body and an audio-visual meditation inspired by Taoist philosophies and discarded park junk called Clouds and 4 cigarettes. His work can be found at Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Narrative, Pif, Decomp, Eastlit, and Sein Un Werden, among other online and print publications.


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